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Virtual Lunch and Learn Presentations

RefineM's Virtual Lunch and Learn series is a free webinar series delivering high-quality presentations on project management or Agile topics. You can relax with your lunch, learn more about an engaging topic, and ask questions or interact with other attendees. All certified attendees can also claim 1 PDU per webinar.

We hope you enjoy these presentations. To learn more about future Lunch and Learn webinars and register for them, visit our Public Training page.


2024-6: Hybrid Agile: The Best of Both Worlds (PDF) - Learn how to blend traditional and Agile methodologies to optimize project outcomes.


2024-3: Double the Speed of Delivering Value to Customers (PDF) - Learn how to revolutionize your approach to value delivery.


2024-1: Value Stream Mapping (PDF) - Learn about this important tool to minimizes waste in your workflow.


2023-10: Mastering the Role of Product Owner: Best Practices (PDF)  - Learn about the role and responsibilities of Product Owners along with some best practices to be an effective PO


2023-07: Effective Hybrid Practices (PDF) - Learn best practices for effectively running a hybrid project approach.


2023-04: Transitioning an Organization from Waterfall to Agile (PDF) - Learn the five-step process to effectively transform an organization into an effective Agile organization.


2023-01: Data Analytics for Project Managers (PDF) - Learn how data analytics can shape the present and future of project management. Delivered by Dr. Vipul Vashisht from Lagozon Technologies.


2022-10: Churn in Agile (PDF) - Learn what Agile churn is and how to manage it to keep your team's sprints on track.


2022-09: Ace Your Retros: Best Practices for an Effective Retrospective (PDF) - Learn how to improve your retrospectives by applying best practices before, during, and after.


2022-08: Slicing and Dicing User Stories (PDF) - Learn patterns for splitting user stories to increase their business value and enable the team to deliver them. Originally delivered on


2022-07: Best Practices for Sprint Planning (PDF) - Learn best practices for preparing for, running, and benefitting from the sprint planning meeting.


2022-04: Ace Your Daily Standups (PDF) - Learn best practices for running effective Scrum and Kanban daily standups.


2022-03: Project Approach and Tools Customization (PDF) - Learn how to adapt project approaches and project management tools to fit your project needs.


2022-02: 2022 Project Management Trends(PDF) - Learn what trends are likely to shape the project management world in 2022.


2021-12: 2021 Project Management Year in Review (PDF) - Learn what happened in the project management world in 2021, both successes and challenges.


2021-11: Agile Leadership vs. Conventional Leadership (PDF) - Learn the differences between Agile and conventional leadership and how conventional leaders can become Agile leaders.


2021-09: PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Changes (PDF) - Learn what has changed in the latest PMBOK Guide and what you need to know to continue to succeed as a project manager.


2021-08: Design Thinking (PDF) - Learn the phases and key principles of design thinking. Delivered by guest presenter Sergio Mondragon of Constru-Robot.


2021-07: Making Your Dream Come True: Steps to Get Your Dream Job(PDF) - Learn the steps to realizing your career goals.


2021-06: New WOWs for Remote Agile Teams(PDF) - Learn how the ways of working for remote agile teams has changed and how to adjust.


2021-05: Developing an Agile Plan for (PDF) - Learn how to develop an Agile plan and what the important components are. Delivered on


2021-03: Design Thinking Primer (PDF) - An introduction to design thinking principles with guest instructor Sergio Mondragon from Constru-Robot.


2021-02: Looking Forward to Project Management in 2021 After a Turbulent 2020 (PDF) - Learn ways to adjust to the changing norms of project management in 2021.


2021-01: 2021 Project Management and Agile Trends(PDF) - Learn more about what we predict for 2021 and how to prepare.


2020-12: Project Management in a Turbulent Year(PDF) - Learn more about how to change your tools and approach to project management due to the turbulent year 2020.


2020-11: Using Agile to Stay Resilient During Challenging Times(PDF) - Learn more about how to leverage key Agile principles and strategies to build and maintain resilience during challenging times.


2020-10: Agile Metrics to Measure Team Improvement(PDF) - Learn more about key business, operational, and culture metrics to measure Agile team success.


2020-09: Agile Leadership (PDF) - Learn more about how why leadership is important on Agile teams and what areas to develop.


2020-08: Maturity Assessment for Agile Teams(PDF) - Learn more about tools and metrics to assess team agility. Delivered on


2020-07: Roadmap for Project Managers to Transition to Agile (PDF) - Learn more about how project managers can transition into Agile roles and leading Agile teams.


2020-06: Staying Emotionally and Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 (PDF) - Learn more about five steps you can take to keep your emotional and mental health stable and thrive despite world events.


2020-05: I am a PMP, Now What? on (PDF) - Learn more about career options for certified project managers. Delivered on


2020-04: Communication Challenges for Virtual Teams (PDF) - Learn how to overcome common communication challenges to stay safe and productive during difficult times.


2020-03: Expansion of Agile Into Other Business Functions Overview (PDF) - Learn how to apply Agile in ongoing/operational, support, and other business functions.


2020-02: Scrum vs. Kanban on (PDF) - Learn where Scrum and Kanban work best. Delivered on


2020-01: Project Management and Agile Trends for 2020(PDF) - Learn what trends to watch for in 2020 and beyond.


2019-12: I Am a PMP, Now What?(PDF) - Learn career strategies for project managers beyond the PMP certification.


2019-10: Sprint Planning on (PDF) - Learn how to effectively plan sprints to get the desired outputs. Delivered on


2019-09: Agility Assessment (PDF) - Learn what agility is and how to assess it using RefineM's free tool.


2019-08: Sprint Planning (PDF) - Learn how to set up Sprint Planning, define goals, outcomes and capacity, and successfully plan the Sprint.


2019-07: The Recipe for Successful Project Delivery (PDF) - Learn what processes constitute a recipe for consistently successful project delivery. Webinar held on


2019-06: Business Requirements and Backlog Grooming for Agile (PDF) - Learn best practices for requirements gathering and backlog grooming on Agile projects.


2019-05: Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban: Which Works Best Where? (PDF) - Learn where Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban can best be utilized for project success.


2019-04: Stop Making and Breaking Teams and Watch Enterprise Agility Flourish (PDF) - Learn how to utilize product teams to improve Enterprise agility. Originally delivered on


2019-03: Turn Your Large, Distributed Team Into a Smooth-Running Agile Machine (PDF) - Learn what collaboration tools and governance models best support large, distributed Agile teams.


2019-02: 2019 Agile and Project Management Trends (PDF) - Learn what incoming trends will impact the Agile and Project Management worlds and how to prepare.


2019-01: Backlog/Story Grooming (PDF) - Learn how to set up your Agile team for success by grooming and refining backlog requirements. Presented on


2018-12: Agile Maturity (PDF) - Learn the key metrics to gauge your team's Agile Maturity.


2018-11: The Recipe for Successful Project Delivery(PDF) - Learn the most crucial project management processes that form the recipe for project success.


2018-09: Backlog/Story Grooming(PDF) - Learn how to perform backlog grooming on your Agile projects.


2018-06: Business Requirements Gathering for Agile Projects(PDF) - Learn how to gather business requirements in Agile vs. Waterfall and what techniques to use.


2018-05: Leadership Skills for Project Managers (PDF) - Learn how to be an effective project leader, harness emotional intelligence, and develop key leadership skills.


2018-04: Scrum vs. Kanban: Which Works Best Where? (PDF) - Learn about similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban and when each works best.


2018-03: Agile Customer Involvement (PDF) - Learn about how best to engage customers in an Agile environment.


2018-02: 2018 Project Management and Agile Trends (PDF) - Learn about current and upcoming trends in project management and Agile and how to prepare for them.


2018-01: PMP Exam Changes (PDF) - Learn about changes to the PMP Exam coming March 26, 2018.


2017-11: Kanban Boards (PDF) - Learn how to set up Kanban boards for Agile and Waterfall service and support teams.


2017-09: Retrospectives (PDF) - Learn how to run retrospectives simply and efficiently for Agile and Waterfall teams.


2017-08: Frequent Reviews / Demos (PDF) - Learn more about the importance of frequent customer reviews and demos for teams.


2017-07: Daily Standups (PDF) - Learn more about how to structure daily standups for Agile and Waterfall teams.


2017-05: Progressive Elaboration (PDF) - Learn more about how to apply progressive elaboration to Agile and Waterfall projects.


2017-04: Maintaining a Backlog (PDF) - Learn more about the first key Agile practice, maintaining a backlog.


2017-03: Agile Practices for Waterfall Teams: Overview (PDF) - Learn more about Agile practices that can be utilized by Waterfall teams.


2017-02: Key Leadership Skills (PDF) - Learn more about key leadership skills to develop for success.


2017-01: Project Management Trends for 2017 (PDF) - Learn more about upcoming agile and project management trends for 2017.


2016-11: Six Leadership Styles (PDF) - Learn more about the six leadership styles and how to utilize each for effective project leadership.


2016-10: Emotional Intelligence and Project Leadership (PDF) - Learn how to harness Emotional Intelligence (EI) to be a more effective leader.


2016-09: Leadership vs. Management (PDF) - Learn how both leaders and managers contribute to project success.


2016-08: Leadership Skills Overview (PDF) - Learn an overview of project leadership skills in this webinar.


2016-07: Advanced Risk Management (PDF) - Learn advanced risk management techniques in this webinar.


2016-06: Performance Measurement Using Earned Value Management (EVM) (PDF) - Learn how to measure performance using earned value management (EVM).


2016-05: Advanced Techniques in Scope and Change Management (PDF) - Learn about advanced techniques in scope and change management.


2016-04: Advanced Techniques in Stakeholder Management (PDF) - Learn about advanced techniques in stakeholder management.


2016-03: Advanced Techniques in Project Management Technical Skills (PDF) - Learn about advanced techniques in project management, specifically technical skills.


2016-02: What Is New in Microsoft Project 2016? (PDF) - Learn about the changes that come with the newly released Microsoft Project 2016.


2016-01: Project Management Trends for 2016 (PDF) - We share our eight top trends affecting project management in 2016.


2015-12: Project Challenges and Successes of 2015 (PDF) - Learn about struggles and successes on 2015 projects and lessons learned.


2015-10: Early Warning Signs of IT Project Derailment (PDF) - Learn the warning signs of an IT project that's going off-course, and how to save it.


2015-09: Top 5 Challenges in Agile (PDF) - Learn the many benefits of Agile and how companies and teams can overcome key challenges.


2015-08: Scaling Agile (PDF) - Learn about what is involved with scaling agile and how to implement a scaled solution.


2015-07: PMP® Exam Changes (PDF) - Learn about upcoming changes to the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.


2015-06: A Tiered Approach to Implement the PMBOK® Guide (PDF) - Learn about a tiered processes approach that can be tailored to small, medium, and large projects.


2015-05: Agile Certifications (PDF) - Learn about each of the various certifications available for Agile practitioners.


2015-04: Leadership Skills for Project Managers (PDF) - Learn which leadership skills to develop to become a more effective project leader.


2015-03: The Four Faces of Leadership (PDF) - Learn about the four faces of leadership and how to improve your leadership style.


2015-02: Do More With Less (PDF) - Learn how to deliver projects successfully with only 8 PM processes.


2015-01: What Does It Take to Pass the PMP Exam? (PDF) - Learn more about how to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam.


2014-12: Advanced Techniques In Microsoft Project (PDF) - Learn more about advanced techniques in several versions of Microsoft Project.


2014-11: Writing Agile User Stories (PDF) - Learn more about how to write user stories on an Agile project.


2014-10: Role of a Product Owner on Agile Projects (PDF) - Learn more about how the product owner drives agile project success.


2014-09: PMP Tips and Tricks (PDF) - Learn more about tips and tricks to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.


2014-08: PMI-ACP Tips and Tricks (PDF) - Learn more about what is on the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam and how to pass it.


2014-07: Agile Contracts (PDF) - Learn more about types of Agile Contracts and how to structure an effective Agile contract.


2014-06: Passing the PMP Exam on Your First Attempt (PDF) - Learn how to pass the PMP certification exam on your first try.


2014-05: Developing and Using Risk Contingency Reserve (PDF) - Learn more about how to use contingency reserve to manage project risks.


2014-04: Eight Powerful PM Processes You Don't Want to Skip (PDF) - Learn more about the eight essential project management processes for project success.


2014-03: Realistic Timeline for Passing PMP Exam (PDF) - Learn more about a timeline of study to pass the PMP exam.


2014-02: PMP/CAPM Certification Chat (PDF) - Information about eligibility for the PMP and CAPM exams.


2014-01: Writing Agile User Stories (PDF) - Learn more about components of effective user stories and how to write them.


2013-12: Essential Gear for Project Managers (PDF) - Learn more about RefineM's toolkit, "Essential Gear for Project Managers."


2013-11: Role of a Business Analyst on Agile Projects (PDF) - Learn more about how business analysts can contribute to and thrive in Agile environments.

PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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