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What is project management consulting?

The term 'project management consulting' can describe a range of services depending on what firm you engage with and what your organization's needs are. Consulting can start with applying project management expertise to one real project, exposing your project team to the most effective practices so they can take the reins on future projects. In this mode of consulting, practices such as project chartering, risk management, or Earned Value Management (EVM) might be utilized to get your project on track and keep it there. Consulting can also include helping your organization establish a customized project management framework or project management office (PMO) or providing an outsourced version of all of this work so you don't have to worry about your projects.

RefineM Project Management Consulting Services

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RefineM Project Management Consulting Services

Why should I hire project management consultants?

Your organization may benefit from consulting services if:

• Your project management teams cannot adapt to increasing project load.

• Projects slip in terms of schedule, budget, or quality.

• At least one critical project is out of control and you are struggling to put it back on track.

Any of these issues can be addressed by a project management consulting service, and the best services can also make recommendations or help implement changes to keep the issues from arising again.

How can RefineM's project management consulting services help my organization?

RefineM's project management consulting services are built around the greatest needs of organizations. With our services, you can take your organization's project management processes to the highest level of maturity where almost every project is delivered in a predictable manner with no surprises.

We provide unique value in project management consulting in two ways. If your project is in danger, our recovery services can help you navigate out of trouble spots. We help you identify key metrics and establish communications and accountability to get your projects back on track.

If your organization has a new or emerging PMO and needs standardized processes, our package, Essential Gear for Project Managers, is a great fit. Essential Gear is a package of project management processes delivered via intuitive templates and a handbook that describes how to execute best practices and avoid pitfalls. With Essential Gear, you can set your organization on the path to project management maturity.

Whether your projects need a little help or a major overhaul, RefineM is positioned to help you succeed.

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RefineM Project Management Consulting Services