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Agile is defined as “the ability to respond to change, in order to succeed, in an uncertain and turbulent environment.” It is a change-driven approach to project management that emphasizes frequent customer involvement and value delivery. Scrum, XP, Lean, and Kanban are often included under the umbrella of Agile.

Why should I learn more about Agile?

Companies that adopt Agile on their teams and in their organization have seen four common benefits:

  • Faster delivery / time to market.
  • Greater adaptability to change.
  • More empowered teams.
  • Greater team learning.

Why should I subscribe to RefineM's Agile videos?

Our Agile videos draw from the 10+ years of Agile experience of our lead instructor, CEO, and Enterprise Agile Coach, NK Shrivastava. You will learn what you need to get started with Agile by watching our four core videos. In addition, supplemental videos allow you to take a deeper dive into specific topics including daily standups and retrospectives for over 9 hours of video content.

With RefineM's Agile Fundamentals Video Series, you can take the first steps on your Agile journey at your own pace.