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Project managers who have earned their Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification can demonstrate the skills and experience to successfully manage multiple projects of varying sizes through unique challenges. Are you ready to take your PMP exam and become one of them? Learn more >>


Streamlined toolkits for project managers, agile practitioners and C-level executives

Minimal Processes, Maximum Benefit

Minimal Processes, Maximum Benefit.

Essential Gear for Project Managers Level 1

The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) describes 47 project management processes. Essential Gear (level 1) includes only the eight indispensable PM processes needed to successfully execute your project. The kit includes intuitive templates stripped down to the bare essentials as well as a handbook that describes best practices and pitfalls. Learn more >>

Essential Gear for Project Managers Level 2 (coming soon)

For larger and more complex projects (or for established PMOs), Essential Gear for Project Managers Level 2 is a tool kit containing more advanced project management processes.

Essential Gear for Agile Teams (coming soon)

Whether you’re new to agile or an experienced practitioner, this is the agile tool kit that will help you unleash the business potential of agile. The templates (and concrete examples) will make it quick and easy for you to implement tried-and-true agile best practices—from release plans to retrospectives and much more.

Essential Gear for C-Level Executives (coming soon)

Do you find you are either overfed or underfed information about your investment portfolio—the status of projects in your company? Are you able to critically analyze if your high-priority initiatives are optimized and aligned with corporate strategies? Essential Gear for C-Level Executives is a set of tools (templates, examples, and a handbook) that uniquely offers both a big picture view and the ability to drill down to analyze the performance of your investment portfolio based on key data points. For example, get a picture of your complete portfolio in one simple chart. Align your initiatives with corporate strategies via a business outcome review matrix. Understand how projects are performing, at the highest level, via our four-dimensional global project chart. And more.

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PMP Videos

Prepare at your own pace.

Our popular Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Preparation course is available in video format on Vimeo. The course covers all knowledge areas of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) as well as professional and social responsibility, to prepare you for the exam. Monthly subscriptions are available, or you can rent any of the videos in the series individually. Learn more >>

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"Businesses large and small would benefit from a disciplined project management process. This toolkit provides many of the key elements of that process in an easy to understand and implement series of templates."

—SVP, Corporate Digital Officer, billion-dollar national insurance firm


Agile Practices for Waterfall Teams Part 1: Maintaining a Backlog

March 24, 2017

On a waterfall project, the bulk of the value is delivered at the end of the project. On an agile project, value is delivered incrementally through iterative cycles with the highest-value items prioritized, increasing customer satisfaction. Backlogs serve as the mechanism for clarifying priority on projects carried out by agile teams, allowing them to put the customer’s highest priorities first. How can waterfall teams achieve a similar effect?

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