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Welcome to RefineM's Project Management Knowledge Base. This page has been created to provide a wealth of project management knowledge to anyone who needs it. Since RefineM believes in free sharing of knowledge, everything in this knowledge base is FREE to download.

The Project Management Knowledge Base has been grouped into several categories:

  • Ebooks provide publications developed by the RefineM team on a variety of project management and agile topics. This is your free resource for information on subjects such as Agile and stakeholder analysis, created to make learning in-depth topics simple and accessible.
  • RefineM Newsletters contains our archive of monthly newsletters that are delivered to mailing list subscribers.
  • Presentations/PowerPoint Slides can be used to make a presentation on a particular project management or Agile topic. Since all the presentations are high quality presentations, RefineM's consultants use the same slides when they speak at various project management forums. RefineM's Virtual Lunch and Learn presentation slides are also stored here for anyone who missed a webinar and wants to view the slides.
  • Project Management Templates contains several useful templates to carry out project management activities in an effective and efficient manner. These templates have been developed by RefineM Consultants based on their two decades of project management experience. An effort has been made to keep them very simple so they can be implemented in any project environment. You can either use them as is or modify them as per your situation.
  • White Papers & Articles are related to critical topics in project management and Agile. Some of the articles are written by RefineM consultants based on their experiences and some are downloaded from other project management websites.
  • Other Useful Knowledge Centers is your entry into the huge body of project management knowledge. Since it is almost impossible to bring everything onto one page/website, we researched a number of useful websites such as PMI and AMA.

Thank you for visiting the knowledge base. Please write us if you have any input or feedback to improve the knowledge base.


Agile Practices for Waterfall Teams Part 1: Maintaining a Backlog

March 24, 2017

On a waterfall project, the bulk of the value is delivered at the end of the project. On an agile project, value is delivered incrementally through iterative cycles with the highest-value items prioritized, increasing customer satisfaction. Backlogs serve as the mechanism for clarifying priority on projects carried out by agile teams, allowing them to put the customer’s highest priorities first. How can waterfall teams achieve a similar effect?

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