RefineM Services

Project Management Consulting Services

Our services are built around the greatest needs of your organization. With our services, you can take your organization’s project management processes to the highest level of maturity where almost every project is delivered in a predictable manner with no surprises. Our major services in the project management area include:

Project Management Office (PMO)

Don’t have a PMO yet? We can help you establish one. Do you feel your PMO could be doing more? We can take your PMO to the next level by refining processes and coaching/mentoring PM staff. Want to adopt Agile methodologies in your PMO or create an Agile PMO? We offer Agile coaching and help you adopt Agile methodologies in a very Agile way.

Outsourced PMO

Do you want to outsource your PMO capability? We can build and optimize an outsourced PMO for your organization. We’ll put the highly skilled and certified managers and business analysts in place to provide a full-range of PMO services including project management planning, analysis, processes, tools and templates, project assistance, reporting, training, coaching, mentoring and more.

Project Management Staffing

Stretched to the limit? We can step in and supplement your project management team while you expand your capacity and bring new project members onboard. This way we can meet your short term/temporary need for additional project managers. We also supply clients with longer-term contract project managers for multi-year projects.

Project Recovery

Project going off the rails? We can help you get back on track with our mature project recovery methodology based on industry best practices and our decades of real-world experiences. We have saved clients millions of dollars and put floundering projects back on track by applying our time-tested and well-proven project recovery methodology. Because this is a high-need area as documented by the sobering statistics around troubled projects, we have developed our recovery services into a specialized center of excellence. Learn more >>

Project Management Planning

Are you developing a project plan for a large, complex or high-risk project where millions are at stake? We create realistic project plans that take into account the key strategic drivers, all project variables such as scope, time, cost, quality, risks and others. And we offer stakeholder analysis—a strategic effort aimed at winning the critical support needed to pave the way to a successful outcome. Our highly experienced consultants deliver the skills and experience needed to complete the planning for your large or complex project. The project plan can then be transitioned to your project team for execution.

Project Risk Management

Risk management is not widely understood or implemented. According to our Project Management Support Survey, a risk register is only used 29% on more than 75% of projects and 18% on 50-75% of projects. Yet identifying risks (and corresponding strategies to manage the risk) is perhaps the most powerful tool a project manager can wield to improve the odds of project success. Risk management also elevates the degree of predictability (including the project schedule, budget and the quality of the finished work), and it reduces the level of stress. We can help you implement this simple yet effective process in your organization. If you have already implemented project risk management, we can help you refine it and take it to the next level.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Are you concerned your project could be slipping? Earned Value Management (EVM) offers an invaluable opportunity for your project team to do a mid-term course correction and to bring your project on track before it gets out of hand. We can help you make the most of this excellent performance tracking tool. Our EVM methodology is based on Estimate to Complete (ETC) rather than percent complete—a superior model. Let us demonstrate the value that EVM can deliver to your project team.

“If you don’t have quality program/project management to get ahead of the power curve, you spend all your time putting out fires and reinventing the wheel. Adding project management capacity internally was prohibitively expensive, so I decided to bring in a third party provider. RefineM demonstrated they had subject matter expertise in project management. They are experts at what they do.”

—Alex Perwich, President, Enactus United States