The following presentations/PowerPoint slides cover a variety of topics in project management or Agile. We hope you enjoy these presentations. To learn more about future presentations or training courses, visit our Training page.

Agile Contracts (PDF) - Learn about types of agile contracts and how to structure contracts for agile environments.

Agile for Process Improvement Projects (PDF) - Learn more about how Agile can be used on process improvement projects.

Agile Fundamentals (PDF) - Are you new to Agile and wondering what it is all about? Learn it here now.

Agile One-Day Course (PDF) - Learn the basics of Agile with our one-day course.

Agile Retrospectives (PDF) - Learn to capture lessons learned and make them actionable so that teams become more efficient iteration by iteration.

Balanced Scorecard (PDF) - Achieving Strategic Alignment through Balanced Scorecard.

Concept to Cash (PDF) - How project management can help shorten a startup's journey to its first dollar. Presented at SPIN66 2015 in Springfield, Missouri.

Metrics for Improving Project, Program, and Portfolio Performance (PDF) - Learn how to utilize powerful metrics to manage your projects and drive strategic decisions.

Project Management Humorous Slides (PPT) - A set of humorous slides related to project management. Enjoy.

Project Risk Management (PDF) - A presentation on Project Risk Management concepts with real life examples.