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Project Management and Agile Templates

We have several useful templates that you can download to carry out project management activities in an effective and efficient manner. These templates have been developed by RefineM consultants based on their two decades of project management experience. An effort has been made to keep them very simple so they can be implemented in any project environment. You can either use them as is or modify them as per your situation.


NEW! Value Stream Map Template (PDF) - Use this template to create your own Value Stream Map (VSM) in Mural to accelerate your process improvement.


NEW! PMP Exam Prep Materials - See side-by-side what the PMP materials are, when to use them, how to access them, and how necessary they are.


NEW! PMP Experience Verification Worksheet - Track your time leading projects for your exam application.


NEW! Agile Planning Template(PDF) - Use this template to develop your Agile plan.


NEW! PMP Exam Prep Readiness Checklist(PDF) - Learn more about how to assess your readiness to take the PMP Exam.


Agile/SCRUM Adoption Scorecard (XLS) - A scorecard that can be used to track the progress of agile/scrum adoption for a team.


Communication Plan Template (XLS) - Use this communication plan spreadsheet template to capture key communication events with stakeholders.

Earned Value Analysis Template with Graphs (XLS) - A template to gather data and plot graphs for EVA.

Metrics Template (XLS) - A template to get started on tracking key metrics.

New Business Start-Up Project Plan (XLS) - A template to help you plan your startup or new business launch.

Production Readiness Scorecard Template (XLS) - A scorecard that can be used to test if a software application is ready to go live or not.

Project Audit Checklist Template (XLS) - A spreadsheet template for performing audits on large and complex projects where vendors may be involved also.

Project Management Maturity Model Template (XLS) - A template for baselining and tracking a project manager's grasp of key topics.

Project Manager Scorecard (XLS) - A scorecard that can be used to measure project managers’ hard skills, soft skills, and Net Promoter Score.

Release Burnup Chart (XLS) - An example of a burnup chart to track a team's progress on a release.

Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) Template (XLS) - RTM can be used to trace the requirements as they are developed throughout the project life cycle.

Risk-Adjusted Backlog (XLS) - An example of a sprint backlog adjusted for risks.

Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) Example (XLS) - An example of RBS that can be used as a checklist to identify risks.

Risk Register Template with Example (XLS) - A template for creating and updating risk register throughout the project duration.

Sprint Burndown Chart (XLS) - An example of a burndown chart to track a team's progress on a sprint.

Sprint Capacity Planning Sheet (XLSX) - A spreadsheet to plan an Agile team's sprint capacity.
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