The following ebooks are publications developed by the RefineM team on a variety of project management and agile topics. This is your free resource for information on subjects such as Agile and stakeholder analysis, created to make learning in-depth topics simple and accessible.

5 Key Metrics to Improve Project Performance (PDF) - Learn about five powerful metrics to improve performance on your projects.

Top 5 Challenges in Agile: A Guide to Overcoming (PDF) - Learn more about how to overcome key challenges in Agile.

Top 5 Concerns in Scaling Agile (PDF) - Learn about the top five concerns when scaling agile on an enterprise level and how to overcome these concerns.

Top 5 Stakeholder Concerns: A Guide to Mutual Success (PDF) - Learn more about how to overcome concerns with your stakeholders.

Top 5 Warning Signs Agile Isn't Working For You (PDF) - Learn more about overcoming problems with agile if it isn't working for you.