RefineM Training

Train Your Team

Customized Training

We offer a wide variety of training—from project management basics to advanced skills, Agile training in methodology, and more. Our project management classes are aligned to the PMI® Talent Triangle. Our training model was designed so you can mix and match training modules and customize a class to meet your team’s precise learning needs. Contact us to discuss how we can customize a class that will engage your team, advance their skill set and knowledge base, and improve their day-to-day performance.


Our classes may be taught in your classrooms or virtually. The commonality is that all our classes are led by a live instructor and maximize knowledge transfer in the shortest possible time frame.

Delivering a Measurable ROI

We differentiate ourselves not only through the quality of our training, but through our proprietary process in which we track each student’s progress. We not only chart areas of growth, we help identify the most critical training needs. This snapshot helps managers optimize their training dollars while measuring (and validating) the value of RefineM training completed to date.

Agile Training

While Agile training works well for many teams, sometimes it makes more sense to bring in an Agile training coach for more individualized instruction. We can coach your Agile team to help adopt Agile methodologies. In the first iteration, we create awareness about Agile by training the team and all relevant stakeholders, including senior management, on Agile concepts. In the second iteration, we play the role of a SCRUM Master or XP Coach and give the team Agile training on best practices. In the third iteration, your team begins to operate as a self-managing Agile team, and we watch them do it, providing suggestions/guidance as needed until the Agile adoption is complete.