Four Steps to Launching a New Project Featured in Biz 417 Magazine

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Four Steps to Launching a New Project Featured in Biz 417 Magazine

December 18, 2017

RefineM CEO and lead instructor NK Shrivastava has been featured in the November-December 2017 issue of Biz 417 magazine. In this issue, Shrivastava shares four steps to follow when launching a new project:

  1. Take care of stakeholders.
  2. Identify risks upfront.
  3. Talk, Talk, Talk.
  4. Perform retrospectives frequently.

Regardless of the type of project or industry in which the project is being carried out, these four basic steps are the foundation for a successful project. They address the critical activities of identifying stakeholders, working with them to identify risks, communicating frequently and proactively, and conducting regular retrospectives to determine where things are going well and where they could be going better. Without these four key steps, projects are at greater risk for slipping their schedules, overrunning their budgets, and falling short of satisfying stakeholders.

Biz 417 Magazine is a bi-monthly publication based in Springfield, Missouri that is focused on the business and entrepreneurial communities in the Ozarks region. Biz 417 profiles local entrepreneurs, shares business news throughout the region, and highlights strategies for success. Read the full article on the steps for launching a project at http://www.biz417.com/Biz417/November-December-2017/4-Tips-to-Successfully-Launch-a-New-Project/.

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