Is Agile a Good Fit for Process Improvement Projects?

Photo of a project manager assessing if agile is a good fit.
September 13, 2013

Even though Agile originated from software development, it can be used for non-software projects too. Most Agile supporters will say that Agile can be used to deliver any type of project, but is that actually the case? Like other methodologies, Agile is a good fit in some cases and not in others.

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Is Agile a Silver Bullet?

Image of a silver bullet.
May 22, 2013

Anywhere you turn, Agile is everywhere. Everyone is talking about Agile. Nobody really knows who ignited the Agile fire, but it’s growing brighter day by day. It is well known that Agile can help project delivery in multiple ways, but do you think it is the silver bullet that we’ve been looking for quite some time?

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Virtually Agile: Doing Agile Projects with Virtual Teams

Photo of two agile team members.
July 17, 2012

Agile methodologies emphasize frequent interactions among the team, product owner and stakeholders. The co-location of project teams greatly facilitates these kinds of interactions. But what do you do when teams are not co-located? What do you do when the product owner, team members, and stakeholders are spread across the globe? Should you fall back to Waterfall and not use Agile even if the project is a perfect fit for Agile? Or wait until you can buy Star Trek’s human transporter?

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Implementing an Agile PMO in a Very Agile Way

Photo of an Agile PMO
July 10, 2012

Have you implemented an Agile PMO? Or have you been a part of a team that implemented an Agile PMO? I’m not sure how you did it, but as an experienced Agile coach, I can share with you a very agile way to implement an Agile PMO. The same process can be applied to transition a conventional PMO to an Agile PMO.

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