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Self-Paced Online Training

Many project management professionals find that they hit a point in their careers when additional education is necessary to give them a boost and help them stand out. But many professionals also have busy schedules and can’t necessarily take days or weeks away from work to attend classes. And in the current pandemic, many professionals are looking for a virtual alternative to in-person classes.

With RefineM's self-paced online trainings, you can take the next step in your career at your own pace and in a fully virtual format. 

We currently offer self-paced online trainings in Project Management Fundamentals, Agile Fundamentals, and Backlog Grooming for Agile Requirements.

Why should I take a self-paced online training course?

Many professionals struggle with certification courses. Week-long bootcamps with intense, focused study can be beneficial but also require significant investment of time and money. Professionals who self-study from books lose out on the guidance of an experienced instructor. We’ve found that self-paced online trainings are a great solution for professionals who can’t spare the time and money for a bootcamp but still value being taught by a seasoned PM professional.


Why RefineM?

Our self-paced video series combines the high-quality teaching of our certified and highly experienced lead instructor, NK Shrivastava, with materials and support to help you study at your own pace.