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Keep your team competitive with our customized training.

What is the purpose of customized training?

Customized training combines high-quality instruction with your interaction and feedback to deliver tailored content to you and your team in a flexible way. You can choose the dates and times that work best for you and shift focus to the highest-value topics. For example, you can structure a two-day course as four half-days over four weeks, easing the burden on your team’s schedule and maximizing spaced repetition for the best retention results. You can also customize the content, removing topics that are not relevant to your team or adding topics of interest, and also customize delivery logistics.

RefineM Customized Training

RefineM Customized Training

Why choose customized training?

You should choose a customized training course over a pre-packaged public course if:

• You need more flexibility on dates/times than is offered by a public course.

• You need a deeper dive on topics than a public course can offer.

• You need help to translate learning topics into action.

• You need specialized training not offered publicly due to lack of demand.

• You need on-site training and cost savings to avoid burden on your budget.

• You and your team need training tailored to your specific context.

By choosing customized training, you can integrate high-quality training into your busy schedule and gain exposure to the topics that are most relevant to you in your company and work life. Customized training also tailors topics to your company’s specific context, which benefits your whole company as well as you and your team.

How can RefineM’s customized training help me and my team?

RefineM’s customized training, supported by our certified and highly experienced instructors, not only teaches you concepts but how to implement them in real-world situations. We work with you to fully customize your course, including topics, delivery dates, and logistics.

Our training is broken down to manageable learning concepts in an engaging way that puts you at your most competitive position. We provide flexible training based on your needs. We offer a variety of high-value topics ranging from project management and agile to leadership and process improvement. We use a scorecard to track each team member’s progress toward proficiency.

RefineM Customized Training