All About User Stories

December 13, 2016

RefineM Training

All About User Stories

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Duration: 1 day

Description: This one-day course extensively covers the process of writing user stories in an Agile environment. User stories are a critical part of Agile methodology, serving as a way to communicate high-level business needs while allowing developers to determine how to fulfill the needs and how to test fulfillment. Topics discussed will include basic components of user stories, writing effective user stories using the INVEST model and other tips, gathering requirements for user stories, estimating user stories, and sprint planning, Upon completing this course, participants will be able to explain a user story’s basic components and its benefits to Agile methodology. Participants will also be able to write effective user stories, participate in estimation exercises, and utilize user stories in sprint planning. Exercises and fun games will be included to facilitate these learning outcomes.

Course Objectives: After completing the course, you will be able to
  • Know the components of a good user story.
  • Be able to develop user stories.
  • Understand the benefits of user stories.
  • Be able to estimate user stories.
  • Be able to plan or help plan a sprint using user stories.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for anyone who would like to learn more about agile concepts. Product owners and Scrum masters will benefit particularly, but anyone involved in a project team implementing agile methodologies or anyone who wants to learn more about agile methodology is encouraged to register.

PDUs: 7 PDUs / SEUs / Contact Hours per day (Strategic: 0, Leadership:0, Technical: 7)

Course Delivery: Variable

Course Material: RefineM will prepare and provide the necessary training course material for all attendees.

About RefineM's Instructors: RefineM's instructors are experienced and certified in project management and Agile and bring real-world experience to their instruction. Our instructors not only teach concepts, we also provide insights and hands-on experience. And we don’t waste time. Our training is focused and hard-hitting. We offer practical targeted training in just the key topics that will make the most impact.

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Essential Agile Processes Part 3: User Stories

User Stories
January 19, 2015

Strong communication between the customer and the project team is a fundamental ideal of Agile that helps to produce quality results that the customer can use right away. For strong communication to happen, there needs to be common ground; otherwise, the two sides are coming from different cultures and speaking what may sound like two different languages, and this makes communication difficult. User stories fill this gap by framing requirements in a way that facilitates communication between the customer and the project team, and for this reason, they are a critical piece of any Agile project. Keep reading to learn more about what a user story is, how it is structured, and how to write one effectively.

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