Executive Luncheon

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Executive Luncheon

Course Details:

When: March 26 and April 23, 2018, 12:00-1:00 PM Central time
Where: eFactory, Springfield, MO
Format: Free in-person seminar


Description: Did you know that through proven Lean/Agile process improvement techniques, you can achieve 15-40% efficiency gains and cost savings in 4-8 weeks? Any business or technical process can be improved significantly using Lean/Agile practices. We would like to invite you to a 1-hour lunch session to show you how.

In RefineM’s Executive Luncheon, RefineM's CEO, NK Shrivastava, will share his experiences with you in how he has used Lean/Agile techniques to help organizations and teams significantly improve key business and technical processes, reducing pain points and increasing efficiency. Attendees will leave this highly dynamic and hands-on presentation with actionable information they can take back to their organizations to help them realize greater efficiency gains.

Who Should Attend: This seminar is ideal for owners and leadership team members as well as team members who play a role in a technical or business process.


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